WWe selected Fordeer because they had no museum experience. That fresh perspective was important to support the reinvention of the museum. The other important aspect was their willingness to collaborate with our team.

Assistant Director, Digital Initiatives, RISD Museum


Work with Fordeer.

We are architects of the digital.

We approach digital ecosystems in the same way that an architect or designer must survey the physical landscape, create a space with all of its parameters and amenities, and create the plans for builders to execute the final product.

Our scalable set of tried and true practices has been honed over time. They can shrink or stretch to envelop any size project. These tools help our team accomplish three “D”s — Discover, Design, & Deliver. Throughout a lifecycle we Communicate often.


Survey the landscape, draw the map, and set the path. Research existing conditions but start to plan what we are going to build together


Synthesize research and inspiration into a solution. Architect the approach, create a prototype, test it, refine it. Try again.


Refined until complete. Test some more. Run through internal quality assurance checks, then submit for client review. Correct as needed. Start discovering the next iteration.


Good humans communicate early and often — nothing is assumed and nothing is left uncovered. Through each of these three cycles our team will communicate performance (timeline and budgetary), goals, risks, and next steps.

Our “3D” Process is a framework for working within any period of time — a day, a 2-week sprint, or several months. We constantly lay the groundwork, decide on an approach, and create a tool for a real human to use. Along the way, we must communicate — with each other, with the client, with stakeholders, and with your audience of customers.


Embodying our Core Values.

Everything we do is framed by our core values — the way we interact with clients, with partners, and with each other. They are an honest way in which we can hold one another accountable to try and be our best selves.


Always learning, always asking questions, always educating others. Never self-righteous, never assuming, never withholding.


Striving to support our teammates, pushing towards the best solutions, setting the bar high and going beyond. Not pushing others harder than we would push ourselves, not setting the bar so high as to create failure and burnout.


Always nice, always supportive, always understanding. Our inquisitiveness is genuine, our smiles are authentic, our focus on your people — your staff, your leadership, your customers — is the center of our world.